Spirit of Christmas

In the spirit of the season, Christmas Storage Solutions is proud to announce a portion of our proceeds benefit Summer Santa: Non-profit organization that sends North Texas underprivileged children to summer camp.

Since its inception in 1997, Summer Santa has been enriching the lives of our children in need throughout the Northeast Tarrant County. These programs have a real impact, and they are making a difference all thanks to the generosity of supporters that care. Since 1997, Summer Santa has sent over 4,500 North Texas children to summer camp, taken over 2,300 students shopping for back-to-school clothing, and donated nearly 40,000 toys and books to North Texas charities throughout the summertime.

Many children in need are left without dedicated caregivers during out-of-school months. Extra-curricular activities often place a burden on caregivers due to financial cost. The result is children in need are left without opportunities to learn and grow in creative ways. By providing fun, engaging , and safe activities for children in the summer months Summer Santa are giving the gift of care to those in need.

In addition to these programs, we provide volunteer opportunities to North Texas high school students allowing them to learn the gift of philanthropy and giving back at a young age. By creating hands-on opportunities, Summer Santa help teens learn the importance of giving back, developing empathy, and sharing the next generation of dedicated care givers in North Texas.