Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the storage facility?

Christmas Storage Solutions is located in Grapevine, Texas. 50,000 square foot warehouse. High security, clean and supervised by full-time warehouse manager.

Do you decorate the tree?

We do not decorate the tree. However, we have several design partners that can assist with any design needs you may have. Please call for references.

Are you open on the off-season?

Yes! We can pick up and drop off your tree at any time.

What if I need to get into one of my bins while it is stored?

No worries! We will set up an appointment at the warehouse for you to collect your items. There will be a $25 fee.

Can you just store my tree and not bins?

Yes. However, the rate will still be the same

Is there really a North Pole?


Do you store Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations too?

Yes! We are open all year for any holiday items that may need storage.